Using The Arts Channel on my web browser

Regardless of how you subscribed to The Arts Channel, whether it was from your computer online, or on your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play Store, you can login to the web App anytime using your browser.

To login from your laptop or PC, go to: (It’s worth bookmarking this page in your browser or making it a favourite so you can return to it later).

There you will see a welcome screen with our trailer video. To sign in to the App to see The Arts Channel content, click Login on the top right of the screen.

Use the email address and password you signed up with to login.

Now you are in the web App and you have full access to all the content in The Arts Channel.

Unlike the iPhone App, the navigation bar is on the top left, and there you can select Video, or Feed.

Tap on Video on the top left to see the various categories such as Music Documentaries, Music Performances and so on. Each category has a number of Programme Series within, like ‘Jiri Belohlavek - a Musician’s Musician’ and ‘Braille Music’. Each Programme Series can be clicked on to show you all of the videos within. Once you are in a Programme Series, simply click on the video you want to watch and enjoy!

Tap on “Feed” for seeing blog posts and the most recent updates from The Arts Channel.

More tips on using The Arts Channel

Please see below for links to other guidance. For technical queries about The Arts Channel App, please contact

Using The Arts Channel On my Smartphone

“Account” takes you to the information about The Arts Channel, and more importantly, where you would access your settings to Logout or Contact support for example.

You can go back to all categories at any time, by selecting "Video" in the top left corner of the page.

Watching The Arts Channel on my Smart TV

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